Non-Teaching Details for the Session 2014-17

Sl. No Name of the Staff Father’s Name Address Category Contact No. Qualification Percentage Experience Date of joining Date of Resign Reason of Resignation of the staff Bank A/c No. Details of Salary Appointment against whom Remarks if any
1 Santosh Sarkar Sukumar  Sarkar Vill & P.O. Nimtita, Dist. MSD GEN 3485262628 BLIB, MLIB.     23/07/2007       9800/-    
2 Subrata Chowdhury Anup Chowdhury Vill. & P.O. Daharpar, Dist. MSD. GEN 9474317236 B.Com     23/07/2007       9600/-    
3 Amit Kumar Sarkar Naru Gopal Sarkar Vill. & P.O. Daharpar,
Dist. Murshidabad,
Pin. 742201
sc 9614222715 B.C.A pass   22/08/2014       8500/-    
4 Keshab Ch. Singha Mangal Singha Vill. Gotha,
P.O. Chandnichak,
Dist. MSd,
Pin. 742223
sc 8597873244 M.P pass   22/08/2014       7000/-